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"New Ice Scraper...Simply the BEST! I just tried this new ice scraper and was truly amazed at how easy it is to use. Great for women without muscle - that's me! I had completely cleaned off all the windows on my car within 2 minutes! I plan to buy some for other family members too!"
Sandi C., Painesville Ohio
"I was recently in Troy Michigan when they received 12" of snow overnite. In the morning there was ice and snow on all the windows of the Dodge Magnum I was driving. I used the scrape-a-round for the first time, and I was able to clean 6 side windows, the windshield and back window in the time the gentleman next to me was able to clean just the windshield of his Ford Fusion! I can not see using anything but the scrape-a-round to clean ice, frost or snow from my windows. Great product, A-1."
Larry L., Cleveland Ohio
"Instead of just the narrow little area my normal scraper cleared off, the Scrape-A-Round wiped the window clean in just a few swipes! It is just FANTASTIC!! I'm buying more for all my kids." Linda F., Painesville Ohio
"It is amazing how easy it works! We're buying a bunch more for our whole family."
Larry & Alvene B., Mentor Ohio
"Three years ago at the Christmas Craft Show at the IX Center Cleveland Ohio, I purchased a three pack of scrape-a-rounds. I gave them as a gift to my sister-in-laws for Christmas. The other ladies and men in my family were so impressed that the next year I bought FIVE packs (15 scrapers) and gifted my whole family. We have had people stop us in the parking lots to see this gadget that works so quickly on snow & ice. These are wonderful! If you could stand in a mall parking lot and demo you would sell-out in 10 minutes. I have a bright yellow one to match my car."
Gaylee H., Painesville Ohio
"I walked out of work and saw a woman struggling with the ice on her windshield. I went to my truck and pulled out my scrape-a-round, and helped her clear her windows. She was so amazed by how well it worked that she wanted to know where she could get some for her family. I told her I was getting more from Ohio Scrape-A-Round Distributors, so she said to order her 3 also. When I brought her scrape-a-rounds to work to give to her, everyone else was asking what I had. I told them what it was and what it was used for, and they all looked at me like I was crazy. Then the woman that I brought the scrapers in for walked into the department and saw me holding her scrape-a-rounds. She was so excited about me bringing them in that she went on and on telling all her co-workers how well this new ice scraper worked. From then on I have been getting requests upon requests for the scrape-a-round. Every day someone that has purchased one of these ice scrapers comes in with a story of how much they love it, or how much a family member that they gave one to loves it. I recommend purchasing one for everyone in your family."
Jeff H., Madison Ohio

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