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The Science of Ice Scraping

The Scrape-A-Round is an amazing Breakthrough in ice scraping engineering. Yet for the layman, the science behind this ice scraping wonder can be summed up in a few very Non Technical words - "Scrapes ice from windshields FAST & EASY!"
We do however, recognize that there are some Windshield Scraping Experts out there who want more of an In-Depth Scientific Review of this unique "Frozen H2O Removal Implement." For you - we present THE SCIENCE OF ICE SCRAPING...
**Direct pressure forms the core base into a strong arch that
PLOWS instead of scraping ice away.
**Shape provides a HUGE 18" of scraping surface.
**DOUBLE scraping action.
**Soft polypropylene material conforms to window curvature, and PREVENTS SCRATCHING to windshields.
**Removable cap lets the Scrape-A-Round double as an automotive fluids FUNNEL.
**Comfortable grasp helps ARTHRITIS and CARPAL
TUNNEL sufferers.
**Scrapes window frost, ice and/or snow in HALF the time of other scrapers.
**BOTTOM LINE...Scrape-A-Round is simply "The Best Ice Scraper On Earth!"

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